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Kim Holland

Why Keller ? I knew I needed to make a change if I was going to get to the next level in the real estate industry. I had the opportunity to go to any company and I chose Keller Williams .  I did this because they were the only company that provided me with the opportunity to grow my own brand.  In addition they provided extensive free education and daily training on many different levels and platforms.

Why Elite?  Keller Williams Elite was the only choice for me being born and raised in Massapequa, there was no other broker that could compete. 

Pros to your business by being with Keller? Keller gave me the support to triple my income in one year by providing the support I needed to build a team which now consists of 7!

The Value we add? Keller Williams allowed me to focus on me first. the agent first.

Business Growth -   There is no doubt that moving to Keller Williams Elite is not only making myself more successful but they have also taken the time to provide the support that the top agents need either to work alone or to run their teams.  I would have never had a team if not for making the switch! 

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Maria AAraas

Keller Williams has been great from the start. After 15 years with the same company, I was hesitant to start over and change career paths. This company has eased all my fears. I am now thinking about why I didn't do this years ago. Keller Williams Realty Elite offers the training needed, has the support system you would only wish for, and encourages you to succeed. One of my favorite things about KW is how they give back to the community they serve. I was fortunate enough to participate in this year's Red Day, which was truly amazing. Agents at KW are not in competition with one another. They support you and want to see you grow personally and professionally. I am personally lucky enough to be part of The Debbie Carpluk Team in East Islip and could not be happier.

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Amanda Feld

I really love being a part of KW Elite! The culture, camaraderie and support from top producing agents is HUGE, you really feel like a family while being offered monthly office outings all while helping one another build your brand. The technology, tools and constant training that are provided, they really want to make sure you learn and understand the entire process/ business from start to finish. 

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Matthew Wynn

Why I came to Keller Williams and Why I am still here are 2 very different questions. When I was first approached to come to Keller Williams I completely rejected the idea. It took 9 months to convince me to make the move. I had no real issues with the office I was with. The only reason I considered moving was my office had become a morgue. This is a people business and we need to be around people. All brokers are telling the story that agents do not come to the office anymore. They will if you give them a reason. I spent 9 months driving by Keller Williams and the parking lot had cars in it every day. That was the reason I joined. I did not care about the business the office did since I knew I would do business wherever I went. I didn't care about the training. Didn't care about profit sharing. I had no idea about anything the office did regarding the business that was being done at Keller Williams. Why I stay is a completely different story. The office does a tremendous amount of business. I did not know many of the top producing agents in the office but now consider them friends that I could not envision working without. It is a good group of experienced and newer agents that all work together. The perks that come with working here are unsurpassed. From profit sharing to training to technology to capping ( reaching 100% commission) to office outings . Being part of the office ALC allows me to have a say in how the office is run. Keller Williams wanted me to start a team which of course was the last thing I wanted to do. Imagine doing business successfully for 33 years and then being asked to change. Did I tell you I am stubborn. The crazy part is that one of the newest agents is the one that convinced me to start a team. We are only up and running for a little over a month with 5 agents working to achieve their goals. It feels good to help them and I look forward to what the future holds for all of us. It just doesn't get any better than this.

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Adriane Gray

When I made the decision to be a full time Real Estate Agent I knew I needed a brokerage that could give me the training , technology and tools I needed to be successful. After one meeting at the Keller Williams Realty Elite office I knew I found my "home", the monthly training calendar was jammed packed with functional training to start and grow your business. The support you receive from the staff to the Top producing agents of the company really makes it feel like a family. KW is constantly implementing new ways to support its agents and is dedicated to all our success.  KW Realty Elite ROCKS!!!!

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Pat Yovino

The reason I chose Keller Williams was because the real estate industry is becoming more & more a technology based service and I felt it necessary to be in a company with better technology.  Not only for searching for homes but for marketing, staying in touch, finding seller leads and referrals nationwide. I also love the idea of a cap on the outlay of money annually to the company I pay before I go 100% every year. Last but. not least is the idea of a team of people working with and for me to help lessen some of the responsibilities of being there for every client. Its beneficial for them because they are learning all I have to share & teach from my many years of experience. I can from a company that was not up to date with the shift in the market and the new way these things can help grow your business!

The reason I chose Elite was partially because of its beautiful new building and it's location. It is centrally located on Long Island whether going east or west to service my clients. It's a pleasure to come to a bustling office with so many great people!

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Steven DeCillis

Why Keller ? I spent my first year in the business at another broker that was recommended by a friend, I learned very little and made no money. My biggest issue was the lack of training I received and a friend of mine, who just started with KW, showed me the current monthly training calendar and she also mentioned that Keller's motto was God, family then business. In that order. That paralleled the way I try to live my life so KW was a perfect fit for me. Why Elite? I mentioned to a good friend of mine on Sunday that I was going to change offices the next day and she did a commercial on her experience at KW. I started with the KW office in Hauppauge and when that closed I needed to find a new office. I had done a deal with Greg Masaitis when he was an agent for another company so I knew him and respected the way he went about his business. He also asked me about KW before he came over to the company. Pros to your business by being with Keller? For me at this point in my career the tools and help I receive from everyone in the office from the team leader, to the MCA and the DFI has been fantastic. I couldn't ask for a better support team that I know I can always count on for help. The Value we add? To me the biggest value KW offers is the people. I have run sales organizations of companies that had 100 sales reps, 10 managers and did over $300M in volume and one thing I have learned is that the greatest asset any organization has is it's people. The people at KW run against the real estate grain in that they are always willing to help and are only interested in the growth of their brother and sister agents. Support we add? Support is always available and complete whether preparing flyers, assistance with paperwork or just general questions, I have always found our KW team to be there when needed. Business Growth - Another piece of value is that with 180,000 agents nationally, when I have a seller moving to another state I can refer them to another agent who holds the same beliefs as I do and I can say that to my clients. They will get great service and I will get a referral fee too. Make it your own - Just throwing some things out there to help get your brain working? :-) I have been in sales all my life with local, national and international positions and I can truly say that KW and KWRE are great organizations to work for as they become an extension of your family. I am invested in the professional and private lives of my fellow agents and hope that they all do well and prosper. There are other offices where everyone is in competition and they act that way but not KW. I am a satisfied customer and plan to stay that way.

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Cindy Hewitt

I switched to Keller Williams Elite a few years ago. Best move I ever made. The owners and staff I work with are very caring and they take the time to help you, support you and guide you. They are truly interested in my success and help me achieve my goals.  


KW provides excellent training. They offer CE classes regularly which help with license renewal. They work to develop vendor resources such as title companies, inspectors, mortgage companies and insurance companies. Those relationships are a great source of information. Keller Williams is a great company to work with because your success is their success. They work hard to help the agent be successful--

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